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This workshop series will take place during the Minnehaha Falls Art Fair. Meetup location will be at the art fair info booth tent, located near Sea Salt. Parking is always limited at the park and is strongly suggested that you make the necessary arrangements for travel to the Park. We suggest bike, bus or use the Light Rail park and ride at the Fort Snelling Blue Line, just an 8 minute trip to the park.

Register on Eventbrite or follow the individual links below. 
e to sign up is one week from the event weekend.



Introduction to Nature Journaling with Maggie Merkow ($15)

Nature Journaling is the act of looking very closely at nature and recording what you observe. The workshop lasts for about an hour. I will give an overview of the principles of Nature Journaling. Participants will come with art supplies or use supplies I bring- simple ones. Pencils, paper, colored pencils. For 20 minutes the observer carries out an exercise that I instruct, such as comparing three similar objects or mapping out a small defined area. The observer always uses numbers, words and drawing. The last part of the session is a guided discussion between the participants. Children under the age of 12 that would like to participate will need an adult with them.

Betye Saar Hanging Story with Mak Koep ($30)

"Join Mak and Angie from Rumriver Art Center to create a Betye Saar inspired Hanging Story. Betye Saar creates work that tells personal stories using found objects and symbols. She often starts simple and lets the materials form her creation. Students will brainstorm a personal or family story they wish to tell. These stories can encompass imaginary details and events, real ones, or a combination of both! We will discuss how colors and symbols can express their story. By cutting out their symbols from thin cardboard, filling them with colorful oil pastels, and dangling them from a hanger, students will create a unique story piece ready to show and share! Artists are encouraged to add found objects to their hanging stories after the workshop as their story evolves and grows." Appropriate age range is 7-16

Coloring Your Own with Michelle Mildred ($15+ cost of additional items)

You will be provided various permanent markers from various brands. The workshop will have pouches, backpacks, totes, and table runners available for purchase. $10 or your $15 ticket fee will go toward any additional item purchase, if you choose. We will start with a demonstration on how to use the markers to blend into a nice gradient to create more dimension with multiple colors. Scrap fabric will also be provided for people to practice on to see if their color combos match their vision. The workshop will be very casual and fun! Appropriate age range is 5+ 

Paint & Learn Pollinator Habitat with Rita Morris from
Monarch Joint Venture 
& Jacqueline Nguyen from Metro Blooms ($45) 

Participants will learn about how to create native pollinator habitat and why it is important for their conservation, while also watercolor painting their preferred native pollinator plants. We will bring large prints of the plants with descriptions of each plant so you can learn more about them. We will also bring prints of some select native pollinators and information about those, if you would like to incorporate insects into their painting. We will provide professional grade watercolors for the adults, and watercolor palettes for the kids (the kids can take these home). All ages welcome!

Candle Making with Cynthia Guandique ($40)

Everyone will get to put an apron on, pick their own jar color, and be guided into making their own custom candle. Everyone will get to smell around different natural and clean scents and pick 3 they like, they will blend and mix in to their 100% soy wax. They will then be able to pour their own candle. People will get to learn about the art of candle making, different wick choices and how our candles are eco friendly. Once they pour, the candles will solidify and then they will have the option to decorate on top with flowers, crystals or herbs. The workshop will take 1 hour to make the candle and 45 minutes for the candle to solidify. Appropriate age range is 13+ (With parental consent)

Space Cat Universe with Andrea Alice ($35)

Based on the artist's bestselling piece "Space Cat," this workshop was previously taught at Anoka County Public Library. In this workshop, Andrea walks students through the watercolor pencil techniques used for their signature galaxy skies. Students will get to try their hand at character design by creating outer space travelers of their own. Andrea will share tips for successful character design from their experience in comics and illustration. If time allows, we will do a collaborative exercise to create a character together. Finally, pen techniques will be demonstrated like thick to thin linework, hatching, etc. so students can add finishing touches to their pieces. As a nonbinary artist, Andre always likes to share tips for creating art that can change the world! Workshop is suitable for all ages!

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